NRB Application Form

1. I hereby declare that I am a bonafide Bhutanese citizen. I understand that the above account will be opened on the basis of the information provided by me. I declare that all the particulars and information provided in the online application form including the specimen of my signature for the account are true, correct, accurate, complete and up to date in all respects and I have not withheld any information. The specimen signature shall form part of the records of RMA and authorized banks, and shall be treated as conclusive evidence of the applicant’s authorization and/or instruction for the purposes of opening the accounts

2. I agree that RMA shall have the right to cancel my application form if it is not authenticated to the satisfaction of RMA.

3. I agree and authorize RMA, to exchange, share or part with all the information, data or documents relating to my application to authorized Banks.

4. I agree and undertake that RMA shall not be liable for any other loss that may occur or arise from the misrepresentation and negligence in relation to the information and details provided in the application form.

5. I agree that RMA shall have the right to freeze my NRBFC and/or NRBNC account if the information and the details provided are found to be false.

6. I agree that it is my responsibility to inform and update the concerned bank about any change in my current address; and RMA or any authorized bank shall not be liable to any loss incurred because of incorrect postal address record.

7. I agree to abide by the respective bank terms and conditions governing the usage of banking facilities (click here to download BOBL T&C) (click here to download BNBL T&C) (click here to download TBank T&C)

8. I have read and understood and hereby agree to abide and be bound by the "Terms and Conditions governing the opening of Non-Resident Bhutanese Foreign Currency Account", which is made available on remitbhutan’s website ( I understand that the Terms and Conditions are liable to be amended, varied, supplemented or modified by the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) from time to time. I acknowledge that it is the applicant's responsibility to obtain a copy of the latest Terms and Conditions and read, understand and abide by the same