Products and Features

A Non-Resident Bhutanese can avail two types of accounts:

1.Non-resident Bhutanese Foreign Currency Account (NRBFC)
2.Non-resident Bhutanese Ngultrum Account (NRBNC)

Under NRBFC, an individual can directly deposit into his/her foreign currency account. Similarly, an individual can also convert any foreign currency into Ngultrum and deposit into his/her NRBNC account.

Attributes NRBFC NRBNC
Repatriation Fully Repatriable (Principle only)
Taxation Tax on interest earned as per RGoB Regulations
Scheme Type Saving/Current/Fixed
Voluntary Provident Fund System
Withdrawal Withdrawal allowed from any part of the world
Charges No inward remittances charges
No annual maintenance charges
Security Assets Deposits could be used as collateral to avail BTN loans
Inward Remittance Channel SWIFT/Money Gram/Western Union
Interest Rate Preferential rates as provided by the banks

Account Opening Checklist

Please read the following conditions before proceeding with your Foreign Currency Account application:

To help you with the process of preparing the documents and give you a clearer instruction we have created a step-by-step user guide and checklist for you to download here