How it works?

i. Open FC account:

  • Apply online through RemitBhutan website. Click here to apply now
  • RMA verifies and forwards to your chosen bank
  • Banks process and open your FC account

ii. Receive your FC accounts details and banking facilities:

  • If FC account is opened successfully you will contacted by the bank through email with your FC account details
  • If you have chosen mobile and internet banking facilities you will receive a subsequent email with the details
  • RMA will courier your international debit card and the PIN number separately

iii. Transfer money:

  • Use any of the banking channel provided by your chosen bank; Click here to view how to send your money to your FC account in Bhutan

iv. Accessing your FC account:

  • You can view your FC account balance and transaction details through internet banking and mobile banking
  • You can withdraw from your FC account from any part of the world using your international debit card